The Astrology chart is divided up into several houses which represent areas of life that manifest within our experience and consciousness; for example the 1st house represents the house of identity, who we are and what we relate to ourselves through the world. The 7th house is our relationships with other, be that the dog, the postman or whatever we build relationships with.

It is proposed that different size houses could suggest more influence on that area of life for the spirits journey, as well as suggesting more than one archetypal flavor to a certain area of life, which can become very detailed, and is all open for debate.

The whole house system in astrology is traced back to being one of the most ancient systems used as the original system for western astrologers. The system regained popularity a few decades ago in the 80’s and 90’s and is now still in its revival.
I have been using this system for almost a year now and have found that I can accurately read and predict how transits may affect the chart as they travel through the sky, much easier than other methods that I have used in the past, not to say that other perspectives aren’t useful, I am just finding in my experience that whole sign house system not only works on an uncanny level as above so below but also within the physical plane cosmology.
Previously, I had used Porphyry house system which was devised by a Neoplatonic philosopher of the name Porphyry of the Roman Empire who had a deep innerstanding with a radical mind. I feel that, this (to me) very wise and intelligent philosopher also rewrote his astrological teachings to throw people off being illuminated to his truth.

Prior to that, I used what most astrologers start out with, which was the dominant system to divide the houses named Placidus described as ‘Time-proportional house system of movement’ based on how ‘time curves’ or rather circles, in theorized patterns through ‘space’, which doesn’t make sense to me, as it seems to me that earth is a fixed plane, ‘terra firma’, where we – spirits of the lights above – live below, incarnated within physical flesh or human multidimensional lightbodys.
So using whole house signs really works perfectly for me, every time when predicting the themes and energies that we are working with, within ourselves as energy beings and also outside of ourselves manifesting in our experience.

I have had great experiences using whole house signs as well as amazing feedback from clients. I do appreciate that there are always multiple ways of doing things and lenses of perception that can be utilized, however for me, at least for now, I have the most useful tool in Whole house signs and if you are a practicing astrologer I advocate you to try it out if you haven’t already.
I am very open to your feedback and experiences with other systems you may have used, as well as excited to read your charts using this and other ancient prognostic methods. Thank you for reading.