Throughout our various lives we come up against many manifestations that are less than complimentary to our ideal outcome that we would have liked to experience. This comes in so many forms, be it not receiving a gift that we had longed for, losing our wallet or purse, having cross words with a dear friend, getting lost on our way to a destination, missing our mode of public transportation or even occurrences so simple as when we stub our toe. The type of instances that hinder the flow that force us to think again, are fated because we are being asked to pay attention to ourselves and reality around us. It may be that what we had our attention on, was not supportive of our highest path, so as we gain presence and awareness of our current. This is where the value is, as everything that has ever happened …happened in the present of NOW.

When we come across an occurrence that we would rather change, we can use the energy from the four elements of this reality to alter our experience. Fire, Earth, Air & Water are the pattens or vibrational frequency in which energy flows, manifesting within us through our reality – each with their own signature characteristic to serve as part of the synergy of life. This plays out through the Astrological signs of the zodiac:

Aries representing the quick sparked incisive action, that begins (fire). Taurus grounding & stabilizing all that is of value (earth). Gemini gaining and sharing information through multiple perspectives (air). Cancer cleansing and nurturing with its flowing kindness (water). Leo boldly prowls radiating courage and sustainability (fire). Virgo purifies expelling that which is no longer of any nourishment (earth). Libra oversee’s all is fair, equally sharing beauty and balance (air) Scorpio bonds plunging deeply into transformation (water) Sagittarius seek that which is more than it is already aware of, ever expanding (fire) Capricorn leads the earth to the stars as it climbs to the greatest mountain peaks (earth) Aquarius is unique one expression of all that is, the electric storm of excitement and awareness (air) Pisces is the ocean not separate from anything else in creation, almost as either flowing with compassion for all that is (water)

Of course we are all the signs in the Astrology wheel, so as we learn to incorporate and bring into balance each of these vital signature expressions of the 4 elements at play we become the alchemist. We can bring in the actions, herbs, foods, pasttimes, practices and rituals that alter the outcome of what may be an annoying repeating feature in our lives. As we change one thing we can change our relationships with our loved ones, our working environment, our health or sleeping habits. With observation of our experience as well as using Astrology we can observe where we need to find balance and incorporate more of the element which we may be lacking in that area of life so that we don’t get stuck repeating that which we don’t enjoy or is of no value to us personally.
An example: a couple of years back I was experiencing that I would come up against angry people wherever I went, even in my closest relationships with people that I had known all my life! It was becoming an increasingly regular occurrence. At that stage I myself would be very intimidated by that type of energy as in my astrology chart I have Aries a fire sign on my descendent as well as Mars (fire) in Pisces (water) my 6th house (earth) of daily practice. Which means I attract impulsive, passionate people and experiences to me which is great, however, with my Mars in Pisces I would have to learn how to balance out the energy and temper my anger when it did finally explode, like a bomb going off beneath a deep ocean.
So I was advised to incorporate dog walking into my daily practice, this would be a physical activity that gets my body moving and grounded, as well as being able to raise my voice in a safe commanding way to the dog that was full with love and compassion. So this includes each of the elements bringing balance and using the energy, so as not to experience eruptions elsewhere.
I also joined a yoga class and started eating spicy food a few nights a week to really open me up to my fire, now I live my passion in an intuitive grounded way in the workplace as an astrologer so everything is in perfectly defined equilibrium. Another example would be when very excited and enthused with energy Gemini/Aqua (air) Leo (fire) and needing to communicate in a grounded concrete understandable manner, we can learn to value ourselves (Taurus, earth) take balanced breath (Libra, air) meditating for 5mins or however long we need, sometimes only 30 seconds sometimes maybe 30mins but this brings us to our center of ourselves as one universal being Pisces (water). Being the alchemist within our own experience is a winner, because it can open us up to empowerment of self transformation, stepping into our fullest balanced and greatest versions of ourselves. The insight that astrology shares is of such grand value, its truly is elemental.