Philip is an uplifting perspective shifter. Through his inspiring vlogs relating to his personal journey, his insightful astrology videos, his amazing interviews and the profound psychological depths of his astrology readings, he has the abilty to empower you to see things from a much higher and brighter perspective.


I just had my consultation with Phil. I must say that it was every bit as exciting as he is. I was first attracted to the way he so enthusiastically grabbed from the ethers of his intuition information that I have not heard from any other astrologer. His insight breaks the barriers of the mundane!


I have had the pleasure of working with Philip over the past few months. He has been a blessing to work with. I have seen him grow immensely with not only accuracy but confidence and kindness and compassion. He truly cares about your well-being and it shows in the astrology readings that he performs. I would recommend him and have, to family and friends. I look forward to talking to him again and wish I could on a daily basis!


My readings with Philip were my first readings from a professional astrologer, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to book with him. Philip is brilliant and has genius insight but more importantly, he is a real and very compassionate human being. He immediately made me feel at ease and was really pleasant to talk with as we went through the session. He has a genuine interest in helping people learn about themselves and about astrology. I highly recommend booking a reading with him!


Philip brings a unique, passionate, positive vibe, and illuminating perspective into his readings. He really makes you feel optimistic and uplifted about the future but most importantly the now! Definitely someone to come back to again and again!


My reading with Philip was amazing! He made me feel comfortable as soon as we started the reading. Philip is professional and is great at his craft. A lot of the information he provided resonated with me. He also provided practical information for upcoming events. I highly recommend him. Thank you!!


Philip is an amazing source of insight, upliftment, encouragement and inspiration. He has helped me change my life for the better. I would highly recommend him to anyone!