Philip Daniel Miles

Philip Daniel Miles is here to serve and provide you with support and guidance, using Astrology & Tarot, the greatest tools acting as a source of divination. Philip is able to utilise his knowledge and ability to read the language of the stars to gain better understanding, acceptance and clarification both of what has been, what may be to come as can be seen in your natal chart. In his consultations Philip holds space as a professional therapist opening up the vision for what can be manifested with the available energies. He is able to cycle back through the years already experienced using astrology as a tool, utilised at its best for psychotherapy and healing. This practice is incredible for gaining insights from both past present and future with self value and love being at the forefront of the journey, shared by both Philip & his clients.

Philip has been on his spiritual quest for well over 10 years always delving into self inquiry and integration of the continued healing journey. His passion for consciousness and self discovery is on going as we each rise in awareness together. 

”Astrology has been one of the most thrilling parts of my journey as it is truly amazing how deep this art and natural science can take us into better understanding of ourselves, one another and the reality we share. There are so many great techniques to be utilised that really the subject is endless. The excitement of sharing my gift of this knowledge is unrivalled by any other as truly the stars are our greatest guide. The perspectives gained from our personal cosmic journey, as spirits manifested here as the leading fringe of consciousness in the physical world”